SnapFiles – The last 20 freeware programs added

  • Open Shell dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    Open Shell is an Open Source project that picks up on the discontinued Classic Shell. The software enables you to restore several classic Windows features that have been changed since Windows Vista a….
  • WAU Manager dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    WAU Manager (Windows Automatic Updates Manager) is a fully featured replacement for the built in Windows Updating interface. The program gives you full control over Windows U….
  • WinUpdatesView dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    WinUpdatesView is a simple tool that displays the history of Windows updates on your system. WinUpdatesView can load the Windows updates history from your local system, using ….
  • EZ Database dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    EZ Database allows you to quickly and easily create your own databases right from your device, with no programming or SQL knowledge required. Keep track of any kind of data imaginable, using custom d….
  • Start Everywhere dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    Start Everywhere is a Start Menu software which offers several unique solutions to launch applications and quickly access documents. The menu system of Start Everywhere can be ….
  • HTTP Toolkit dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    HTTP Toolkit offer automatic interception of HTTP and HTTPS traffic from most clients, including web browsers like Chrome and Firefox, almost all CLI tools, and backend languages like Node.js, Python….
  • Reduce Memory dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    When too many programs are using up your RAM, you may find your system becoming slow or unresponsive. You can use Reduce Memory to clear out the clutter from your system memor….
  • Rebuild Shell Icon Cache dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    Rebuild Shell Icon Cache allows you to rebuild the Windows shell icon cache (IconCache.db), which can help address problems with icons not displaying correctly. Reloading the i….
  • iFree Skype Recorder dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    iFree Skype Recorder enables you to record Skype audio calls and save the recordings as MP3 files. The program can automatically record any call or manually, as needed. You als….
  • Null-modem Emulator (com0com) dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    The Null-modem emulator (com0com) is a kernel-mode virtual serial port driver for Windows. You can create an unlimited number of virtual COM port pairs and use any pair to con….
  • Free Excel Viewer dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    Free Excel Viewer enables you to view and edit Excel files (XLS/XLSX) without the need to have MS Office and Excel installed. In addition to Excel files, the program also suppo….
  • ConfigureDefender dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    ConfigureDefender enables you to view and configure important Windows Defender settings on Windows 10. You can manually configure all options or simply apply one of three pred….
  • Video Combiner dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    Video Combiner allows you to merge video clips in multiple formats into a single video and offers a variety of adaptive video resolution to choose from. The program can mix ….
  • MP3 Toolkit dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    MP3 Toolkit includes a MP3 converter, CD ripper, tag editor, MP3 cutter, MP3 merger and MP3 recorder for users who want to handle MP3 files easier. In addition to standard M….
  • Fat32 Format dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    Fat32Format enables you to format USB drives that are larger than 32 gb to FAT32, an option that Windows does not provide by default. Simply run the portable executable, selec….
  • SoftPerfect Cache Relocator dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    SoftPerfect Cache Relocator is a quick and easy way to move your browser cache to a different location. There are various reasons why some users want to relocate this folder….
  • CamWings dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    CamWings enables you to prevent (malicious) software from using your cameras. You can enable and disable your devices without having to unplug them. You can also run CamWings….
  • Delete.On.Reboot dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    Delete.On.Reboot is a small utility for advanced users that can help you delete files or folders the next time your computer boots. This can be useful if the files or folders c….
  • PDF Splitter dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    PDF Splitter allows you to easily split a PDF file into separate documents based on the page range you specify. Simply select the PDF file you want to split and set the page ra….
  • OverSite dimanche, 17 novembre 2019
    OverSite is a simple tool to monitor your Internet connection and devices on the local network. The program can monitor your Internet connection by frequently pinging several w….